May 2015The BookLady

The final order has been submitted, and it's now time to close this chapter in the book of my life.

THANK YOU TO ALL who have helped me promote the love of reading -- in your own homes and the homes of many many children across Canada over the last twenty years. A special shout-out to those loyal supporters of the very successful Adopt-a-book campaigns over the

For 17 or so of the last 20 years, I was proud to be a leader of a fabulous group of women (and some men!). Mentoring and training others was a natural progression in my home-based-business that flowed in to the rewarding (financially and otherwise) career as Supervisor, then Senior Supervisor. For years our team ranked among the top ten groups in the country for sales and growth, and together we grew as entrepreneurs, mothers and educators.

I am very proud of my long career with this outstanding company, especially my time as Supervisor/leader and mentor. It is was such a rewarding and enriching experience which I highly recommend to anyone who is seeking a rewarding home-based business.

I started operating my Usborne Books at Home business out of a cardboard box (literally) on my kitchen table, with three tots under five at my feet. What a blessing! Surrounding my children with a library brimming with quality books has enriched their lives incredibly – they are taking on the world : one in law school, one now an education assistant, the youngest studying to be a social worker. I could not be prouder of them. And much of my family's successes I attribute to the business opportunity offered to me so many years ago in a friend's living room. UBAH has allowed the flexibility and extra income for me to provide for those kids – many years on my own as a single mom.

I have loved working with so many remarkable women over the years: they have inspired me and challenged me and gifted me with much wisdom. For that I am ever so grateful. Along my journey I have been mentored by some pretty amazing women. Some who have long since retired, some who still actively train and lead others.

I cherish the many friendships and relationships I have made over the years with my customers, hostesses and other literacy promoters in this community and across Canada.

I have succeeded, all these years, by helping others succeed. And I love that!

Signing off, one last time as:

Mary Scheidegger
Senior Supervisor, Usborne Books at Home

I succeed
  by helping others succeed...
´¨¨)) -:¦:-
¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:-  and I like that!
-:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*